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Forum Software auf 3.0.9 aktualisiert

Beitragvon Admin » Mo 8. Aug 2011, 18:53

Changes since 3.0.7-PL1

[PHPBB3-9903] - Execute javascript in [flash=] BBCode


[PHPBB3-4923] - compress_tar incorrectly determines type
[PHPBB3-5164] - Honor minimum and maximum password length in generated passwords as much as possible.
[PHPBB3-6726] - Connecting to PostgreSQL using 'localhost' doesn't try to use a TCP connection
[PHPBB3-6747] - word censoring * does not handle space for two or more words
[PHPBB3-7260] - Do not delete polls if one exists and editing user lacks permissions
[PHPBB3-7296] - Style export to tar(.*) does not work
[PHPBB3-7369] - Custom Profile dates display incorrectly
[PHPBB3-7417] - Search keywords field does not initially get focus
[PHPBB3-7538] - Query exceeds maximum value for user_login_attempts
[PHPBB3-7716] - Data too long for column 'message_subject'
[PHPBB3-7720] - Fix alternative image-description for unread posts.
[PHPBB3-7782] - Send HTTP 404 if topic, forum or user do not exist
[PHPBB3-7972] - Copied topics are not indexed
[PHPBB3-8169] - Parse CSS Regex accepts invalid code
[PHPBB3-8792] - Misleading error message in auth_ldap.php, function init_ldap()
[PHPBB3-8894] - JavaScript error and visible quote button on topic review if BBCodes disallowed
[PHPBB3-8924] - spelling in admin_welcome_inactive.txt
[PHPBB3-8929] - MS SQL error on view all smilies after 3.0.6 upgrade
[PHPBB3-8935] - able to set minimal avatar size larger than maximum
[PHPBB3-8944] - Error on database update (must specify size of index on MySQL4)
[PHPBB3-9012] - Retain original topic title in shadow topic when moving a topic and editing the title.
[PHPBB3-9034] - Redirect() fails with directory traversal
[PHPBB3-9047] - Active topics and reported posts
[PHPBB3-9049] - Password reminder system generates confusable passwords
[PHPBB3-9053] - Correctly sort database backup file list by date on database restore page
[PHPBB3-9061] - Race condition in queue locking
[PHPBB3-9068] - Grammatical Error under Load Settings
[PHPBB3-9075] - Missing / bad default values of CPFs result in SQL errors on registration of new users
[PHPBB3-9091] - Wrong IP checking for IPv4 addresses mapped into IPv6
[PHPBB3-9094] - Hide "Copy permissions" message, when permissions were copied.
[PHPBB3-9095] - Misleading setting text for CAPTCHA
[PHPBB3-9099] - Missing comma in PASSWORD_EXPLAIN acp language strings
[PHPBB3-9101] - Bad text placement for reCAPTCHA description
[PHPBB3-9104] - Safari does not display box headers correctly in the ACP.
[PHPBB3-9107] - Can't Set Parent Forum
[PHPBB3-9108] - RSS feeds does not work on Postgres
[PHPBB3-9112] - Most active forum post count does not respect m_approve permission
[PHPBB3-9114] - Recent bug fix for smilies causing problems on older MySQL versions
[PHPBB3-9117] - Wrong redirection after login
[PHPBB3-9119] - Language selection is disregarded in automatic update
[PHPBB3-9120] - Typo fix in a comment in functions.php
[PHPBB3-9121] - Forum feed shows posts that are currently on the moderation queue
[PHPBB3-9125] - ACP User Overview: Unmatched </form> tag when viewing own user
[PHPBB3-9126] - Invalid redirection after login to forum not in web root
[PHPBB3-9132] - Oracle CLOB support is broken, preventing storage of long strings
[PHPBB3-9135] - Fix report-icon for moderators in PM folders.
[PHPBB3-9140] - Check current board version in incremental update packages
[PHPBB3-9145] - Fix open_basedir issues when accessing styles- and language-management
[PHPBB3-9146] - Quick-Reply tabindex="6" set twice
[PHPBB3-9147] - "Change topic type"-option "Normal" always selected.
[PHPBB3-9154] - Correctly check for double inclusion in captcha garbage collection
[PHPBB3-9158] - viewforum/viewtopic pages unnecessarily duplicated with start=0
[PHPBB3-9162] - BBCode in poll options is broken, when posting without question.
[PHPBB3-9167] - Remove shadow topics from remaining forums when deleting a forum including posts
[PHPBB3-9170] - Unable to get image size in img bbcode when URL has multiple parameters.
[PHPBB3-9173] - sql_config_count() artificially limits number scope to 4byte-integer on PostgreSQL and Firebird
[PHPBB3-9176] - When setting the board's date format the board's timezone settings aren't taken into account
[PHPBB3-9451] - Unnecessary overhead in avatar_process_user function
[PHPBB3-9478] - Validate maximum number of allowed recipients per PM value
[PHPBB3-9495] - Loginbox <input /> redirect breaks xHTML
[PHPBB3-9499] - Javascript function dE does not correctly detect element visibility
[PHPBB3-9504] - Allow gallery avatars with whitespaces in the filename
[PHPBB3-9509] - phpBB Coding Guidelines state subversion as the version control system for phpBB
[PHPBB3-9510] - Unable to copy permissions from and to forums you cannot see
[PHPBB3-9512] - Fix dead link in MCP on reports for global announcements in prosilver.
[PHPBB3-9514] - Correctly delete big datasets when deleting a forum including topics/posts on non-MySQL databases
[PHPBB3-9518] - Postgres DBAL does not correctly create a new database connection when passing $new_link as true
[PHPBB3-9519] - Replace remaining is_writable() calls with phpbb_is_writable().
[PHPBB3-9521] - MSSQL error reporting returns String instead of an error
[PHPBB3-9524] - IPv6 regular expression does not match addresses starting in ::
[PHPBB3-9526] - User Preference to hide online status does not work for bots
[PHPBB3-9528] - Quoting in a PM does not fall back to bbcode-less quotes using "> " when bbcodes are disabled
[PHPBB3-9529] - Topic review does not display all selected posts
[PHPBB3-9530] - subsilver2 missing fallback option on quoting when bbcodes are disabled
[PHPBB3-9531] - BBCode-less fall back option for quotes is missing "Author wrote:" line when quoting from topic-review.
[PHPBB3-9535] - Incorrect margins in RTL languages: signatures, permission ACP & updater
[PHPBB3-9545] - 'Your first forum' should have 'Display active topics:' set to 'Yes'
[PHPBB3-9546] - Moving all posts from one topic to another does not delete bookmarks
[PHPBB3-9547] - Changing forum type applies FORUM_FLAG_ACTIVE_TOPICS to new forum type.
[PHPBB3-9548] - Delete user quicktool drop down should have an empty or invalid selection as the default
[PHPBB3-9559] - Messenger Queue Batch Size configuration option is overridden
[PHPBB3-9567] - Newly registered users group ACP wording
[PHPBB3-9582] - Missing MSSQL native driver case statements
[PHPBB3-9587] - Prosilver overrides reCaptcha class.
[PHPBB3-9592] - Test suite does not run on SQLite
[PHPBB3-9593] - Missing documentation for running unit tests
[PHPBB3-9599] - Windows workaround for checkdnsrr() returns wrong results
[PHPBB3-9605] - Wrong class added to topiclist, when there's no announcement topic.
[PHPBB3-9615] - When attaching a file whose name contains quotes, filename before last quote is cut off in display
[PHPBB3-9623] - Strings not properly normalized - acp_prune.php
[PHPBB3-9626] - Regular expressions from get_preg_expression() are untested.
[PHPBB3-9628] - Add module function does not correctly insert a module after the specified one
[PHPBB3-9633] - Newly registered users group color is not used in Our Newest Member
[PHPBB3-9635] - Useless parameter $data['post_time'] in function submit_post.
[PHPBB3-9637] - SET NAMES 'BINARY' error in convertor
[PHPBB3-9643] - DB connection error when $dbhost is an IPv6 address
[PHPBB3-9644] - submit_post shows support for options that cause a trigger_error in the call to user_notification
[PHPBB3-9646] - Cant hide/outcomment @import in stylesheet.css
[PHPBB3-9650] - It should not be possible to ban Anonymous
[PHPBB3-9653] - xhtml errors in subsilver2 when using the bbcodes code and quote in signatures
[PHPBB3-9655] - Selecting an unavailable captcha plugin looks like a successful action
[PHPBB3-9656] - PHP Information in ACP always lists error_reporting as 0
[PHPBB3-9658] - Optimize topic splitting
[PHPBB3-9662] - Search interval applied inconsistently
[PHPBB3-9664] - Another duplicate accesskey: t = top and list item
[PHPBB3-9665] - Signature "0" cannot be previewed
[PHPBB3-9677] - Subsilver2 is missing the bbcode-helpline for inline-attachments.
[PHPBB3-9678] - Flash attachments are not displayed in subsilver2.
[PHPBB3-9679] - "Notify User" checkbox appears in MCP Queue even if no notification methods are enabled
[PHPBB3-9686] - Unable to create data backup using the mssqlnative DBAL
[PHPBB3-9694] - Calling download/file.php with empty avatar parameter can throw an E_NOTICE message
[PHPBB3-9695] - Bad Display of User Input - mcp_ban
[PHPBB3-9696] - Installation of phpBB with SQLite fails
[PHPBB3-9697] - Backlink broken when the select parent forum does not exist.
[PHPBB3-9698] - Returning result of new by reference is deprecated in php 5.3
[PHPBB3-9702] - "Ban until (date)" appears to be based on UTC time instead of local time
[PHPBB3-9703] - Removing a user does not remove their private message folders or rules
[PHPBB3-9704] - Coding guidelines typo
[PHPBB3-9712] - Future dates display as "less than one minute ago"
[PHPBB3-9714] - "Undefined variable: email" in email regular expression unit tests
[PHPBB3-9715] - Fix email address regular expression or adjust email regular expression unit tests
[PHPBB3-9722] - "New Topic" button title attribute mismatch in prosilver's viewforum
[PHPBB3-9727] - Feed replaces ./ with board URL
[PHPBB3-9743] - Fix background-position of top2-class in prosilver for RTL-languages.
[PHPBB3-9744] - Mistyped word 'then' in FAQ. It should be 'than'.
[PHPBB3-9748] - <br /> not being replaced in prepare_message
[PHPBB3-9749] - fulltext_mysql.php overreacts on + and - characters in search words
[PHPBB3-9752] - Misleading text when using Q&A CAPTCHA
[PHPBB3-9754] - Template variable S_USER_POSTED always set to false in search.php
[PHPBB3-9757] - Empty template variable HISTORY_TITLE in ucp_pm_history
[PHPBB3-9760] - Fulltext native search, wildcard * does not get escaped leading to long execution time
[PHPBB3-9761] - Quote nesting depth explanation is misleading
[PHPBB3-9771] - build_url() doesn't ignore empty parameters
[PHPBB3-9772] - Under some circumstances, email addresses are shown to undesired users
[PHPBB3-9780] - gen_rand_string() not respecting $num_chars parameter anymore.
[PHPBB3-9782] - Board disable radio in Board-Settings set on when server load high
[PHPBB3-9793] - Undefined function send_status_line() in download/file.php when in avatar mode.
[PHPBB3-9807] - Avatar tab displays when avatars are disabled
[PHPBB3-9810] - Clicking on "Select All" of code tag on print page results in a javascript error when using prosilver
[PHPBB3-9820] - Fix undefined indexes when trying to post a new topic
[PHPBB3-9822] - Can not delete style-components from the file-system as per explanation.
[PHPBB3-9829] - Recaptcha plugin result interpretation fault
[PHPBB3-9835] - Login Confirm Explain Not Working
[PHPBB3-9840] - Display view unread posts link for guests
[PHPBB3-9841] - Change "Save" button to "Save draft"
[PHPBB3-9847] - Language typo and written form (British/American)
[PHPBB3-9854] - Auth API documentation is incomplete
[PHPBB3-9855] - Tests don't run on PHPUnit 3.5
[PHPBB3-9879] - captcha_qa.php spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
[PHPBB3-9883] - CAPTCHA uses american english
[PHPBB3-9884] - Massive email delays
[PHPBB3-9885] - Default file extension groups not properly updated by database updater.
[PHPBB3-9886] - Database updater does not run on PostgreSQL because of an error in _add_module()
[PHPBB3-9888] - Update fails when Bing [Bot] was already added to the users table
[PHPBB3-9891] - Updater drops language-selection after database-update
[PHPBB3-9509] - phpBB Coding Guidelines state subversion as the version control system for phpBB


[PHPBB3-7332] - MCP post details usability
[PHPBB3-7717] - Use user's language for standard-extensions-group name
[PHPBB3-8709] - Multibyte keys in request_var not possible
[PHPBB3-8936] - subsilver2 missing reply-to-all feature
[PHPBB3-9088] - Add missing semicolons in js files
[PHPBB3-9179] - improve quasi-documentation of notify_status values
[PHPBB3-9503] - Posts with empty titles in moderation queue are not easily approved
[PHPBB3-9534] - user_ipwhois() does not support IPv6 addresses
[PHPBB3-9536] - Small improvement for query against sessions table in acp_users.php
[PHPBB3-9553] - Make git hooks run with /bin/sh instead of bash
[PHPBB3-9570] - Change "system timezone" to "guest timezone" in acp, add explanation
[PHPBB3-9578] - ACP Posting tab is missing "Post settings" module.
[PHPBB3-9589] - Sample nginx configuration file
[PHPBB3-9595] - Search settings in ACP: Add information on minimum word size indexed when using Fulltext MySQL backend
[PHPBB3-9598] - Call checkdnsrr() on Windows with PHP 5.3
[PHPBB3-9609] - Use send_status_line instead of calling header
[PHPBB3-9611] - Increase entropy in activation keys
[PHPBB3-9612] - Split gen_rand_string() into gen_rand_string() and gen_rand_string_friendly()
[PHPBB3-9629] - sid parameter forced for style.php makes caching difficult
[PHPBB3-9659] - Default phpBB signature user_options need to be set for convertors
[PHPBB3-9690] - MSN Bot will become Bing Bot
[PHPBB3-9777] - Print useful error message in pre-commit hook when php is not installed.
[PHPBB3-9785] - Not able to recover a password when board disabled
[PHPBB3-9825] - Run tests on sqlite if available and no test db configured
[PHPBB3-9827] - IE9 Beta fixes IE8 textarea bug
[PHPBB3-9830] - Awkward message when config.php is missing
[PHPBB3-9850] - Allow version checker to display information on multiple releases
[PHPBB3-9853] - Change default reCAPTCHA theme in Prosilver & Subsilver2 to better coordinate with style color scheme
[PHPBB3-9880] - Rename all mentions of CAPTCHA or visual confirmation to anti-bot
[PHPBB3-9899] - Change the style in the ACP for the recaptcha to match that displayed on prosilver

New Feature

[PHPBB3-9039] - Native SQL Server Support mssqlnative.php
[PHPBB3-9511] - View note for moderators on unapproved posts/topics with unapproved posts in ATOM Feed.


[PHPBB3-9520] - Add web.config files for IIS
[PHPBB3-9625] - Update database UNIT-test
[PHPBB3-9701] - Enable notices in unit tests
[PHPBB3-9768] - Create git commit-msg hook that verifies the commit message conforms to our standards
[PHPBB3-9769] - Add install and uninstall scripts for the git hooks
[PHPBB3-9770] - Git commit message should be prefilled with branch and ticket information
[PHPBB3-9800] - Update tracker URL in docs/./../support/documents.php?mode=readme&version=3
[PHPBB3-9804] - Update docs/AUTHORS (DavidMJ & igorw)
[PHPBB3-9808] - Git commit message hook depends on GNU wc
[PHPBB3-9816] - Remove config.php from git repository
[PHPBB3-9848] - Add phpBB data files to .gitignore.
[PHPBB3-9849] - Create build script using phing
[PHPBB3-9857] - Remove visible $Id$ from docs files.
[PHPBB3-9868] - Make the test suite run and pass using the mssqlnative driver
[PHPBB3-9904] - Update WebPI Parameters.xml


[PHPBB3-9517] - Remote avatar upload does not check the filesize before and during transfer.
[PHPBB3-9562] - Advanced Search is inaccessible using the mssqlnative DBAL
[PHPBB3-9564] - Reported messages are not assigned the default report reason when a reason is removed from the ACP using the mssqlnative DBAL
[PHPBB3-9565] - It is impossible to create a custom profile field using the mssqlnative DBAL
[PHPBB3-9566] - Two debug notices are displayed when setting a custom profile field though the UCP using the mssqlnative DBAL
[PHPBB3-9583] - MSSQL native backups cannot be restored
[PHPBB3-9606] - Drop redundant SQL query for unreads fetching
[PHPBB3-9613] - Implement a load switch for unreads search feature.
[PHPBB3-9817] - Make build script create blank config.php
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